Real Estate Development

Central Park Towers
- Elgin, IL

Stanley Terrace Apartments
- Deerfield Beach, FL

Lakeview Apartments
- White Plain, NY

Eden Garden and Majestic Arms Apartments
- Shreveport, LA

Management Consulting

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development-Expediter II Services
Contract DU208WR-13-D-03

U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development-Administrative Receivership Services
Contract DU208WR-14-C-02

Program Management

Housing Authority of the City of Gary, IN
Murfreesboro, TN Housing Authority (MHA)
Mississippi Region IV, MS
Atlanta, GA PHA
Richmond, CA, PHA
North Florida PHAs (various)
Tampa, FL Housing Authority
Portland, OR PHA
Small Project-State by State Analysis and 4% Tax Credit Estimator
Richmond (Virginia) Redevelopment and Housing Authority
Housing Authority Charlottesville, VA
Minneapolis, MN PHA
Greensboro, NC Housing Authority
Florence, AL Housing Authority
Rogers City Housing Commission
Westmoreland County, PA PHA
Hampton Housing Authority, VA
Johnson City, TN Housing Authority
Newport News, VA Housing and Redevelopment Authority
District of Columbia HA
Chicago, IL Housing Authority
Antigo, WI Housing Authority
Walker County, AL Housing Authority
Cook County, IL
Leeds, AL Housing Authority
Paw Paw, MI Housing Authority
Lake Charles, LA Housing Authority
Camden, NJ HA
Shreveport, LA Housing Authority
Lakeland, FL Housing Authority
Taylor, MI Housing Commission
Marshfield, WI
Saranac, MI (& other) PHAs
Mound, MN Public Housing Agency
Indiana County, PA PHA
Benson County, ND PHA
Eastpointe Housing Commission, MI
Benson County, ND PHA
Newton, KS Housing Authority
Stearns County, MN RHA
Greensboro, NC Housing Authority
Biloxi, MS & other MS PHAs
Sarasota, FL PHA
West Bend, WI
West Palm Beach, FL PHA
North Charleston, SC PHA
Philadelphia, PA Housing Authority
West Point, MS
Detroit, MI Housing Authority
Peoria, IL Housing Authority
Dane County, WI PHA
Columbia, SC
Ionia PHA
Salt Lake County, UT PHA
Bernalillo, NM PHA
Columbus, GA
Greenwood, MS PHA
Carver County CDA, MN PHA
Stevens Point, WI PHA
San Francisco, CA
Sheboygan, WI
Bloomington, IL PHA
Corpus Christi, TX PHA
Woodbridge, NJ
Indianapolis, IN PHA
Housing Authority of the City of Muncie, IN
Columbia County, PA
Bergen County, NJ
Los Claceles Mod Rehab Project Owner
Creston Plaza, Grand Rapids, MI
Youngstown, OH PHA
Littleton, CO
Evansville, IN PHA
Chapel Hill, NC
E. St. Louis HA, Walter Circle
Charlotte, NC PHA